Podcast – Martin Murray

Photo by Kenny Hunter

It’s been a long time coming, this podcast featuring my good friend Martin Murray, who had spent a few weeks in the US for DIRTYFEST and the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey.

We recorded this episode at Robbie Miranda’s house in Huntington Beach while Robbie was hosting a BBQ, so expect a few guests chiming in with questions for Martin during the podcast.

We delved into Martin’s early days in the UK, including his 4th place finish at the Brighton World Championships in 1996 in the Junior category, which kickstarted his pro career alongside his brother Stephen.

Martin shared insights from his time in the US, including his battle with Dylan Clayton for the UK Pro/Elite title, winning the 4x National Series, and landing a Dirt Magazine cover with Steve Peat, who he now works with at Peaty’s.

We also discussed some of the UK teams Martin and Stephen’s family managed over the years, his time at 6th form college with Scott Beaumont, Martin’s win at King of Dirt at the age of 13, trail riding, participation in Red Bull’s Empire of Dirt, retirement from racing, and more about his current role at Peaty’s.

And, of course, we touched on how Martin’s brother Stephen is doing these days since moving back to the UK after his injury almost 20 years ago, and more.

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