Podcast – Alan Foster

Alan Foster Podcast up next.

Alan talks about moving to California, working at a bike shop, living at the POW house, riding Twin Palms, riding for Elf, TNT, Airwalk, Schwinn and Free Agent.

We talk about Alan winning his first AA race at the ABA Del Mar Nationals in San Diego, being in the mid 90s when sponsorships and the industry caught a good wave, with magazines, company cars and plenty of opportunities as a pro rider.

We also talk about training in the 90s, being race-smart and reading the race. Alan talks about transitioning into the business side of the industry with Airwalk while still racing, buying houses and schools and really setting himself up for his post-racing career and being wise with his money.

We talk about current times, riding bikes, traveling, Dirty Fest and much more.

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