New Year Podcast with Dr. J and Jorg de Louw

New Year Podcast with Dr. J and Jorg de Louw in the back of the van. Just a quick one this time: Are we kooks for watching old races on YouTube? We talk about team changes and why some riders are let go as late as last week with not much time to put a new deal together.

Jorg gives us a little history on the inception of the UCI World Cup in 1995 and some of the behind the scenes stuff he and Gerrit Does did to get the series up and running, working with the UCI. We discuss how the series evolved and changed over the years, including Downhill BMX events and some of the World Cup winners in the pre-Olympic era.

Jorg talks about some of the stuff he’s been up to while in California for the holidays and a little about which Dutch men and women are looking good for qualifying as we go into the Olympic Year. Cheers!

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