The second annual British BMX Hall of Fame

The second annual British BMX Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on 11th November 2023 at the Nation Conference Centre and Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, England.  Inspired by USABMX’s Hall of Fame event (which is now in its 39th year) and its commitment to celebrating, honouring and remembering the people who have contributed to the rich history of the sport, the lack of a British version of a Hall of fame was something which had often been discussed in British BMX circles, but no one had dared (or bothered) to do anything about until Darren O’Neill, Dale Holmes, Andy Ruffell and Mike Wong made the first event happen in 2022.

The inaugural event in November 2022 was attended by 350+ attendees giving the BBMXHOF movement great traction and encouragement to continue developing and improving the event. For 2023, BBMXHOF worked closely with the British freestyle community, and the selection of the Freestyle nominees and ultimate inductees was done in close collaboration with DIG BMX Magazine and the highly regarded freestyle riders’ group Ride On BMX. This collaboration will continue going forward, which will afford more credibility and integrity to the selection of freestyle nominees and inductees for future years.

The British BMX Hall of Fame Class of 23 Inductees are listed below. For additional information, please visit

Pioneer Female Racer
Jane Windle

Male Racer
Tom Lynch

Female Racer
Luli Adeyemo

Pioneer Influencer
The Higginson Family

Pioneer Freestyle
Lee Reynolds

King of Dirt
Keith Duly

Jerry Galley

Pioneer Racer
Pete Middleton

Outstanding Contribution to Freestyle
Geoff Catlow

Outstanding Contribution to BMX
Phil Townsend

The David Maw Lifetime Achievement Award
Scott Dick
Andy Ruffell

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