Podcast – ABA National Number 1 Am (1981) Jason Wharton

Next up on the Podcast, Eddy King and I sat down with the 3rd ever ABA National number 1 Amature, Jason Wharton. This was recorded last week while Eddy and Jason were in town for a mountainbike race.

Jason talked about starting racing in Arizona, the local scene, progressing, riding for JMC and tripling at the 81 Grands, and in the process becoming the ABA Am number 1. Jason talked about getting on Diamond Back with the likes of Eddy, Harry Leary, Doug Davis, Pistol Pete, and Jason’s dad becoming the Team Manager as well during the 80s.

We also chatted about some of the riders Jason battled with from Monty Gray, Jeff Moten, Jason Jenson, Eddie Sigmund, Robert Swick just to name a few.

We talked Jason about being on Diamond Back, traveling the country, winding down racing, life after BMX, becoming a barber, and family man and mountain biking.

Check it out.

Photo: USA BMX

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  1. thesting80 says:

    Good stuff Dale!!…I’ve known Jason since he was 8 years old, a great friend!!…

    Kurt “Woody” Laduron…🤙🏼

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