The 3rd Annual Frogtown

The 3rd annual Frogtown just wrapped up in Angels Camp, CA. There are so many great images and stories to share. Like DIRTYFEST earlier this summer, BMX Weekly’s photographer, Kenny Hunter, made the trip over from Scotland to shoot the action. We chose a bunch of Kenny’s best and added a little context to go with them.

If you know your history, you would think this shot was Andy Patterson during his Skyway days around 83/84. Even though Andy was present at Frogtown hanging out, this is actually Michael Steelman on a Maximum. Michael tells us that this bike was his dad’s old race bike – love it.

Good weekend for S&M’s Chris Moeller in Angels Camp with the win in the Pre 77 Class on a Mongoose.

How cool was it to see Gary Ellis out at Frogtown, even though Gary didn’t ride it looked like he was having a great time every time I saw him and he was signing autographs and taking photos with people. Gary’s still a huge presence in the BMX scene.

Photo: Gary along with Bob Hadley, Dale Holmes & Todd Corbitt.

Great to see Nelson Chanady back at the track and racing. I think some people forget how good Nelson was – multiple National and World Championship titles and let’s not forget the 1984 Kellogg’s overall Series winner in England in 1984

Jeremy McGrath, not forgetting his BMX roots, showed up with Brian Lopes on his signature GT Showtime Series and definitely looks good out on the track. Jeremy spent the weekend hanging and having time for everyone trackside and looked like he was having a great time.

Talking of Brian Lopes, Flying Brian was flying at Frogtown on the 26 Race Inc. During the motos, Brian was probably the fastest one out there. Unfortunately, he had to head back home before the finals and we never got to witness his speed in the final. Hopefully, we will see more of him back on the BMX in the not too distant future.

The SE race team and crew were out in full force with plenty of tents and riders. Damon Dayton even brought out the SE VW bus to display in the pits!

If you didn’t know already, Bob Osborn graced us with his presence and what an honor it was to get to chat with him for a few minutes during the autograph session. Bob inspired an entire worldwide generation of BMXers with BMX Action.

The Big Pro/Am winner for the second year in a row, Mr. T Terry Tenette, put a nice bundle of cash in his back pocket for his day’s efforts. SE Bike’s Dick Cheeseburger came in 2nd and Dr. Jason Richardson on the Mosh was 3rd.

Stompin Stu, as always, was fast no matter what bike he is on. Looks like Stu has something cooking with Huffy again rocking the jersey this weekend with a nice third place on the podium behind Eric Carter and SE Bike’s Damon Dayton.

The Frogtown crew created a really cool trackside vibe with vendors and event supporters/sponsors.

GT’s Clive Gosling and Steve Spencer hanging with 90s GT Team Manager Todd Corbitt and Dr. Jason Richardson who was racing on his 99 prototype Mosh.

Classic, Eric Carter turn in his now famous work boots.

GT fanatic and collector and all around good guy, Jorge Nava with his Bike Show Award.

Dick Cheeseburger, the Wildman and King of Frogtown, Mr. T over the Water Jump.

New Editor of Greystoke BMX Magazine and BMX historian, Scott Towne in the Pre 1977 Coaster Brake Class hitting the podium with a nice 2nd place behind Chris Moeller.

Great to see not only the whole Garcia Family at Frogtown but Jimmy and daughter mixing it up on the Sidehack for TNT.

After turning 17 about a week before the race Aryei Levenson came down from Oregon and dominated early 80’s class with the win and was competitive in the extremely packed 90’s class! Like most riders from the PNW Aryei can ride it all! His 82’ Mongoose California Special ripped inverts, barspins, and 360’s all day during practice and with style like that you know he was repping the shield!

Jason Richadson (Mosh) and Dale Holmes (GT) during the 1990-99 bike class final.

Former POW resident doing it for Boss Brookes Manbeck.

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