Podcast – In-Hee Lee

Continuing Podcasts with former teammates – this time I dive into the career of In-Hee Lee.

In-Hee chats about getting into BMX riding for Canyon Bikes before getting picked up on CW with teammates Jason Donnell, Justin Green, George Seevers, Robert MacPherson, Eric Carter, Charles Townsend and Todd Lyons.

We talk titles and In-Hee tells us about some of the National Age Group and Cruiser titles he’s won. Racing the World Championships and winning 7 of them and some of the battles he had overseas from Holland’s Robert de Wilde, Chile’s Jaquin Ramolfo, and France’s Florent Poussin. Worlds battles, alongside In-Hee being one of the youngest riders to jump the huge doubles at the 90 World Championships in France.

In-Hee shares about getting picked up by GT, his relationship with Rich Long, going shopping at the GT Factory and traveling the World with the likes of Gary Ellis, Danny Nelson, Anthony Reyes, and Alexis Vergara just to name a few.

In-Hee talks about taking his education seriously, injuries, family, rivals racing for Free Agent towards the end of his career and more.

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