When did you start riding BMX?

My name is Remo Dyson. I’m a longtime rider of BMX. Being involved in an activity this long, to some people, is unthinkable. 30 years and going and I still feel the same passion for it, as I did when I was 14. During this time I’ve made some great friends and built solid relationships in the industry.

What are you currently working on and what’s the backstory on it?

Fast forward to the inception of DYSONBMXDESIGN. Jimmy McNeal is a longtime friend, supporter, and sponsor as well as owner of Union Square Shoes. I have designed and consulted on products in the industry including with Union. One product is a race number plate made possible through a collab with Mitchell Racing Plates (MRPBMX Werx). And we’re already seeing great results! Jim said, it’s time for you to go ahead with your company and projects. Continuing with, “I think you need to start fresh with something bold and strong.” Hence Dyson, exclaiming, “Use your name. Go with that!” And it sparked my interest and my mind.

I went straight to my drawing pad and contacted Brian Mitchell, he said to me, “Design a plate for yourself”, “A shape of your own”. Doing so, I scraped through, landing on the current shape, it’s definitely the best one in all.

It was the result of teamwork between Jim, Brian and my input that created this plate! In chatting about my plans and abilities, Brian and I decided to form a joint venture on the plate. My ideas surround the parts and accessories included under the DYSONBMXDESIGN label, involving every facet of our sport. Racing, Park, Street, Trails, Rideout life.

What are your goals with the company?

So far on the plate it’s a great creative combo of two dudes. The art palette is spicy, although we have a sense of uniformity to accommodate teams but we’re not confined to stiff parameters, it can still show flavor. And there you have it, creative juices flowing through our veins. A bunch of ideas bouncing back and forth, because of the BMX community I grew up in. You all have inspired an amalgamation of ideas from my creative crazy cool mind and a good friend (Brian) that knows how to use his manufacturing equipment and listen well to make solid products. Another friend of mine (Jimmy Mac) also knows the industry and the pivotal moves it takes to gain success.

Final thoughts?

We hope you love the product and I thank all of my friends and family that stood behind me and kept me from falling apart while I found my way. I continue to be inspired by the sport I love, BMX. I’d like to thank my mom, my close friends Marv, Al and family, Jim JMac McNeal (Union Square Shoes), Robbie Morales (Cult Crew Bikes), Crazy Al Cayne (, Brian MRPBMX Werx ( my business partner for all you’ve done and what is to come in this ascension of my creation. Of course, I totally appreciate with much gratitude the opportunity to share more with you, Dale Holmes on one of your media vehicles. To stay in the know, visit us at DYSONBMXDESIGNS. Please also check us out on Instagram @flipthegatebmx, and of course @dysonbmxdesign3_23, @mitchellracingplates for awesome creations @unionsquareshoes for the product and for new product from DYSONBMXDEDSIGNS, be on the lookout!

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