Podcast – Erik Simmons

Dr. Jason Richardson and I sat down this week and recorded a Podcast with Erik Simmons (The AQUAMAN) out here in San Diego.

We talk to Erik, now 54, about his BMX career from New Jersey in 1979 as a kid, moving out West and eventually making his home in San Diego and getting to ride with the likes of Eddy and Mike King, Shaun Texas, Doug Davis, Kiyomi Waller just to name a few during those early SD years.

Erik talks about turning Pro in the 90s and making his way to AA and turning quite a few heads during his time in Pro alongside some of the ups and downs of AA.

We talk about Erik coming back to BMX with his children during the Covid times hitting the Nationals, some of the riders he races with in a very competitive 50-54 x class and Cruiser these days.

Of course we hit that well-known and documented 1993 Reno A Pro Main with Chis Moeller with crashes, moonwalks, a heated team manager jumping on Moeller at the finish line and so much more.

Cheers to Erik and Jason. I really enjoyed this one. Check it out.

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