Podcast – Byron Friday

Catch-up with BMX pioneer and Hall of Famer, Byron Friday.

Byron was truly at the start of BMX in the early 70s, rode and worked for iconic brands over the decades and even went to school with motocross legend Johnny O’Mara.

Byron talks aboutbtraveling to Holland in the 80s to stay with Gerrit Does (the Godfather of European BMX), going to England to ride and conduct training schools at Iswich, hanging out with Craig Schofield, partying at the Hippodrome, drinking pints of Lager and Lime in London’s King Road.

I share about my time staying with Byron in LA when I first moved to the US full time in the 90s, doing gates with Byron, Greg Hill and Harry Leary at Greg’s house and riding in Greg’s backyard and the local LA trails.

Byron touches on the early days in mountain bikes, riding with John Tomac, racing Norba’s and working for Mountain Bike Action as mountain biking was blowing up.

Byron also chats about a lot of the early day photographers and behind-the-scenes in both BMX and mountain bikes, Cherie Currie lead vocalist of The Runaways, Dirty Fest and more.

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