Quick Chat – Ross Cullen

Congrats on the win last weekend in Sarrians, France. How did the day go leading into the final?

Saturday’s racing was solid. I had a really good day and had not dropped a lap going into the main, which added some nice, extra confidence. I had 3rd pick in the final so ended up in gate 3.

You looked strong in the main. What was the game plan going up to the gate?

I was pretty relaxed going into the main, I was hunting for another holeshot and to lead from the front – that is just what happened! It was nice to piece things together.

3 GB riders were in the main Saturday and all looked good. Did you guys have a good winter training, or anything different from previous years?

It was nice to have 3 guys in the main, we all put the work in over winter whilst struggling with a few injuries so it was nice to see the hard work pay off. We changed a few things up with this winter’s training which seemed to work really well.

How’s the vibe in the GB camp these days? From social media, it looks like you guys are putting in the work but having fun as well.

Yeah, I believe we have a good balance between the two… We obviously train hard but are always having fun on the bike and trying new transfers or lines!

You also ride for the Dutch Team TVE Sport. How’s riding for a Dutch outfit?

TVE is an amazing setup that I am so grateful to be a part of. I love the team atmosphere at training camps and the odd races I have done with them. The bike and kit are great and more importantly, the riders/staff are a great bunch of people!!
I love the design of the Meybo frame and the SD components I ride – they just work amazingly!

What’s the goal for your season?

I’m really excited for the 2023 season, I would love to find myself in a lot more mains and on a lot more podiums than I did last year but we will see how it pans out. I am looking forward to the World Championships in Glasgow – that one will be special on home soil.

Just for the ones that didn’t know, you had a stellar Am Career. How many titles do you actually have on the resume?

I had a pretty successful amateur career including 2 world titles, 6 British titles and 4 national titles. I also won the European Championships in junior men (2019).

Is there any future, perhaps racing in the US?

I would love to do some racing in the US over the next few years – I have always wanted to race a few US nationals so hopefully, I will be able to make it happen in the next year or so. I would definitely prefer Florida weather to Manchester’s!!

Photo – navada.net

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