Catching up with Toby Henderson

This week we are catching-up with Toby Henderson at Box who gives us a little insight on everything Box, from its history to what’s new and why he decided to introduce Oversized Technology to BMX Race and what Box has in the pipeline.

Toby also talks about the state of the BMX industry due to the pandemic, the after effects, how the industry is looking now with everyone sitting on stock and the outlook from his perspective moving forward.

Toby also talks about some of his own history from Raleigh, Hutch, SE, moving into mountain bikes and everything he’s learned from his experiences as a racer and how he uses it today in business.

We also talk about Frogtown, Dirty Fest, Race Inc, BMX Action, Racing at Slagharen 83 Worlds, Bercy France, Pro Elite Racing these days and more.

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