Byron Friday – Photo Takeaways 1974

Takeaways from looking at this photo decades later.

Dave Clinton and Jim Emerson were the talent scouts at Factory Kawasaki. I have much gratitude and appreciation for Dave and Jim, they open the door for my career in cycling.

Johnny O’Show and I spent endless days searching for new riding spots – new places to jump. We also spent hours and hours doing turn drills/berm-shot drills – both left and right side. We got really good at bike handling, turning and jumping. Because of this when we got to the gnarly NBA downhill tracks we were ready to send it. No holding back, go for it!

The Kawasaki bike had a longer wheelbase, big fat tires with good tread for the gnarly downhill tracks we were riding on.

This track location was NBA Randall Ranch in Newhall California – down the street from The Fast House. My very first ever National was at Randall Ranch.

1st John George
2nd Byron Friday
3rd Dave Clinton

Middle School swag’r rolling up to Middle School one day with an aluminum Kawasaki bike, neon green Kawasaki sweater, all kindah Kawasaki swag was sick as heck. Maybe that’s why Joan Jett’s band mate Cherie Curry became friendly at that time. Chat cha cha Cherry bomb!

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