What music your favorite riders are listening to right now?

Ever wonder what music your favorite riders are listening to right now? Us too! So our man Kenny Hunter at BMX Weekly asked some of the hottest riders in the world exactly that. Here’s what they had to say:

Laura Smulders:
I just put my sister’s playlist on, usually she keeps up to date with new numbers and we have pretty much the same taste in music. Depending on the mood, mostly just new music, sometimes some old school tunes. Oliver Tree – Miss You. That one gets me hyped before track sessions at the moment, you just feel like you want to go fast. We pretty much listen to all sorts of music.

Kye Whyte:
Right now I’m into all music but I’ll probably say hip-hop, r’n’b or rap.

Rico Bearman:
I think my favorite artists at the moment are MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and Mac Miller. Love Lost is a good song from Mac Miller. When I’m chilling, I love the genre reggae! Willow Tree from Sticky Fingers is probably my favourite song right now.

Michael Bias:
I’m the type of guy to play the same songs 10000x until I hate them. At the moment I’m ruining Stormzy’s new songs and 44phantom all day.

Emily Hutt:
I listen to any music really, it depends on what mood I’m in on that day, haha! I can go from playing one genre to the complete opposite. My favourite artists at the minute are Summer Walker, Tems and Drake. I can’t really think of a favourite song haha – maybe Law of Attraction by Dave.

McKenzie Gayheart:
The music I’m listening to now is Country; One of them girls by Lee Brice, Whiskey Glasses by Morgan Wallen. Hip hop, and any DJ Khaled song I like.

Mathis Ragot Richard:
Actually, I’m not really a music geek. I listen to the same thing over and over but you can’t go wrong with a Mac Miller song for chilling or even training. Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us – hypes me, so I would use it for a heavy barbell.

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