Podcast – Jorg de Louw

Great to catch up with Jorg de Louw during his vacation in California from Holland and record a Podcast, something we had on the cards for some time.

Jorg talks about the early days of BMX in Holland, going to watch the 83 World Championships in Slagharen, Holland which inspired him to progress to one of the top Am riders in Holland and then into Superclass in 1989.

We talk about the depth of the European Superclass in the late 80s and into the 90s, the first University of BMX training camp put on by Gerrit Does in the US in Orlando, and onto the NBL Christmas Classic and what an amazing trip it was for everyone that went (me included).

Jorg chats teams he rode for and being involved again with Gerrit Does and the start of the UCI World Cup which rolled out in Brighton, England in 1995 and some of the first years behind the scenes running the World Cup at that time.

We talk Jorg being hired on as Team Manager for GT Europe in the mid-90s, racing and helping out with the GT team States, and an impressive list of European and World titles Jorg has on his resume (even though he’s very humble and does not like to talk about it) and some of the guys he battled with.

We also hit on Jorg coaching after his race/TM days, thoughts on some of the best riders to come out of Holland over the decades, and more.

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