Bakersfield – Vet Pro

Vet Pro has definitely been a great watch this year just as it was this past weekend in Bakersfield. Points leader Barry Nobles didn’t make the trip out west and the 07 Elite Cruiser World Champ (Cruiser Counts), Johnathan Suarez, has been missing for the last bunch of racers for some reason, maybe injury? Nevertheless, all in all, it was a solid class for the weekend.

Pictured 937 Jeff Upshaw went down in the first turn Friday and came back with the win Saturday and with that still has a shot at the title come Grands weekend. How fun is it watching Jeff ride silky smooth?

Plate 4 Alan Hudson is always a threat in the class and paying attention, reading the race, and maybe looking to swing a high low on Jeff in this moto. Behind Alan, you’ve got Nic Long (on flats) in the mix as always and then you’ve got plate 250, the Hall of Famer Mr. T Terry Tenette still in the Vet loop and still doing good in his 50s!

Throw in Friday’s winner and new to the class Jake Peebles, Emilio Falla, and part-timer these days and 3x Champ Tyler Brown in the mix and you’ve got one hell of a Vet Showdown coming up in Tulsa.

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  1. @akaTGIF says:

    I’m curious besides Jeff and Terry who are the other riders in this photo?

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