Q&A with Tyler Brown

You just wrapped up the State Finals and Hole shot Challenge at San Diego BMX. How much planning does an event like this take?

Oh my gosh, too many hours to count! A state finals is one thing, doing what we did with the holeshot challenge is a whole new ballgame. So much goes into it from setting up the event, working with partners, getting pros on board, marketing, design, sponsorship acquisition, track work, I mean the list goes on. Also I am pretty much a one man show on all of the above. I have a few helping hands on the track work stuff, but other than that it is all me. I couldn’t even tell you how many hours. I know it’s kept me up at night for the last 6 months when I said I was going to do it haha! 

We all saw an unusual weather storm come in right as the event was about to start Friday.  How did you deal with such a nightmare on your biggest event of the year? 

Nightmare was the easiest way to put it. I am bummed it hit when it did as I feel it for sure affected the turnout of the event. Or at least I would like to think more would have showed up if the rain didn’t hit. How did I handle it?  I went to the hardware store, spent about $2,300 on tarps/sandbags, went to the track and filled up said 200+ sandbags, and made sure the track was covered top to bottom! I have also invested a lot into the surface of the track so if/when rain does come we are prepared regardless of the taps. However for an event this big I had to cover it as well.

The sun came out Saturday morning and was followed by two great days of racing, a sigh of relief?

A massive sigh if relief for sure. I had been preaching online “The rain is going away, please still come” so I am glad I was able to be right! However, it’s still such a bummer! Also made for some long days. Saturday I was at the track at 6am and left at 11pm. Slept for a quick 4.5 hours and back at the track again for the state finals.

What gave you the idea to hold another Hole shot Challenge and to run it during the State Finals Weekends?

I think Pro racing has potential to be big if the parties involved take it seriously. There is an endless list of “well I think it would be better if…” Well an event like this is my shot to do it rather than talk about it. Doing it with the State Finals just makes sense for me. With the State Finals it also brings in a large audience base we probably wouldn’t get if we didn’t have that event there already.

You brought in some serious prize money for the event. How hard or easy was it to bring in that kind of money paying over 4 grand to the eventual winner, Cam Wood, and a solid payday for the top 4?

We had over $10,000 plus bonuses for 9 gates/first straights. Brining in the cash was fairly easy as the brands I reached out to I have personal relationships with. They know me, know I will deliver, and also share the same vision as I do! I was stoked to get some in the industry sponsors with Fly Racing, Haro Bikes, Prostart BMX Gates, and of course USABMX, but also some outside industry money with Aztec Fire and Safety, Attorney King, and Laguna Niguel GMC! 

With the live feed, atmosphere, and great response it seems to have succeeded on social media. Are you happy with the way it went Saturday night?

Yes of course!! There are a few behind the scenes stuff I wish would have been better. However the rain really messed me up. Some of the things I wanted to do the day of I simply ran out of time and couldn’t communicate properly. It was really a scramble with the flood rains we had Friday. I am happy for sure, the bar is set and I will bring a better show next year!

Great to see some of the Top Elite/Pros in action but I was also impressed with the Ams. Who stood out for you? Are we looking at perhaps the new era of Elite/Pros coming through?

Honestly the Am’s made a great show. No surprise Cedric absolutely killed it. With this being a first straight only event, and that kid making moves the way he did I think it proved he is serious and ready for the next step! 

The State Finals itself was a great weekend of racing in all the classes. The highlight for you?

Honestly it was all a whirlwind. My wife and I joke that at events like this we never really get the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the hard work we put it. It is just kind of bam it’s here, we run around all day, and it’s finished. I run around with non-stop things to do at those events. Highlight was all those smiles of success as the kids brought back those state plates though!!

You have done amazing things at San Diego BMX since taking over the track both at the grassroots level and for the higher end of the sport as well giving the Pros and top Ams opportunities to make some great money. What’s next for San Diego BMX and what can we look forward to? 

Bigger, better, and more of it! I am currently a top 5 track in the USA. I am not #1 so I can do more, and need to do more to get there.  Not saying I am chasing the #1 track in the country. That is not exactly a goal, but I want the biggest, and best events to happen at San Diego BMX. I want to push the limits and see what really can be done with running a track. I want to prove this can be a real business. I think if I do all that successfully then I have a shot at running the #1 track in the USA at the same time.  

In other news, you just signed for Chase Bicycles after a long run with DK. You’ve got to be stoked on joining undoubtedly the most professional, high-level team in the industry. What’s the plan with the Chase guys?

Signing with Chase honestly was needed for me. I am forever grateful for my partnership with DK. However, signing with Chase brings a lot of opportunity with it. I am excited to see what I can do with such a successful brand as Chase. Plus the guys behind Chase know what they are doing. I am looking forward to adding to their program while learning how to be more successful myself! 

Final thoughts?

Thanks Dale for the interview, thanks for helping make the track rad with your summer camp programs and I am excited to see what is in store in the future! Find me at the track or at @TylerBrown316 online. More to come…

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