Podcast Tom Lynch MBE

While in the UK, I managed to record a couple of Podcasts. Last week while down in London, I met up and recorded the first one with Tom Lynch and the following week I will post the one I did with Keith Duly (Jump Club), both of which I really enjoyed doing.

Tom Lynch is one of the riders in the UK that inspired both me coming through the amateur ranks in the 80s and many others in the UK during his time, with his riding style and coming from behind for wins. If you were around who can forget in 1986 when Tom won the Superclass European Championship finals in Weiterstadt, Germany at just 16 years old against the Powerful Dutch Amev Team.

Tom shares his early days training and taking racing seriously at a young age, getting on Patterson and battling for the UK titles in probably one of the hardest UK age groups in history with the likes of Stu Diggens, Darren Wood, Whoppa Watkins, Steve Greaves, Lee Alexander, Dave Morris, Tim Print and the names go on. Tom talks about winning 15x at the 85 Euros in Spain fresh on Redline (Patterson frame with Redline stickers), going there with a plan, being in the zone and executing it and becoming the European Champion.

Tom talks Kelloggs, getting on Robinson and working with Tony Hoffman turning Superclass at an early age and changing teams to ASR. He battled the likes of Darrin Stock, Andy Welsh and a fresh and hungry Neal Wood when he turned Superclass. He also went up against the European talented riders from Xavier Redois, Eric Minozzi and the strong Dutch Superclass contingent.

Tom talks about getting on Haro racing, Mike King and then getting on Elf and turning racing more into fun as he transitioned to working as he headed into the 90s. We chat about LRP (London Rocket People) the Jive guys, riding with Will Smyth, Rom and early Backyard Jams.

Of course we talk about Tom working at the London Ambulance Service HQ in Waterloo (Cycle Team Hub) as a Cycle Response Unit Operations Officer and all about the programs. He deservingly received an MBE and meeting both the Queen and Prince Charles. Tom was the first official British Cycling BMX Coach. He shares the early days of the program with a young Shanaze Reade, Liam and Charlie Phillips, the Murray brothers, Joey Gough and so much more.

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