Podcast: Catch-up with Paul Roberts – British Olympic Medalist talk, UK events last weekend, Dave Cullinan, Lee Bertram & Damon Parkinson and more

Quick drive up to Huntington Beach to catch up with @grotbags32 to hang out, ride around town, eat Wahoos and record a quick podcast.

Paul talks about British Olympic medalists this summer in both Race and Freestyle, the media around them and hopefully what their success will bring for BMX in the UK. We hit on a few thoughts on the @sourcebmx Battle Of Hastings that went on last weekend in the UK, the Ipswich 40 year anniversary race and some of the riders that were present.

We then go onto the topic about a few riders that we feel were a little underestimated: Lee Bertram and Damon Parkinson in the UK, and in the US, Dave Cullinan and how good he really was on a BMX for his time not just in racing but also as a test rider for BMX Action Magazine.

Check it out and there’s so much more.

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