Podcast – Jane Windle Cardoza (the UK’s First National no. 1 Girl) & Robert Cardoza (BMX rider from the Movie ET)

Next up on the Podcast, we have Robert Cardoza and his lovely wife and long time friend of mine, Jane Windle Cardoza who came over to the house to hang out and record a Podcast.

This podcast is a history episode. Jane is from the UK along with her dad Les (Mr. Hotshot) and family were present in and around BMX at the very start in the UK. Jane was National number 1 Girl in 1981 and her family owned and operated Hotshot BMX, one of the first and iconic BMX companies in the UK with a very deep history.

Robert is from Torrance, California along with Bob Haro was one of the BMX riders in the Movie ET and we go into detail about how he got the gig, meeting Steven Spielberg for the first time and all the insight on the epic BMX chase scene in the movie that made an indelible mark on many of us when we saw it for the first time.

We talk all things Hotshot; the teams, brands and riders they sponsored over the years with names including Tom Lynch, Geth Shooter, Jamie Staff, Sarah-Jane Nichols and the list goes on. Robert talks about the early days working for Howie Cohan (Everything Bicycles and was the man behind the Kuwahara ET Bikes) alongside working with a bunch of other major brands in the early 80s. Robert, still racing today, tells us what he and Jane have planned for Hotshot in the future and so much more.

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