Podcast / Catch-up with Dr. J

New Podcast / Catch-up with Dr. J is up.

Lots covered in this one from last weekend’s UCI World Cup in Italy and thoughts on the live broadcast and results. We hit a little more in-depth on David Graf taking his first big World Cup win and the advantage of being the experienced vet in today’s Elite racing.

We also talk about some cool articles on Pinkbike.com and the lack of, or let’s face it, no real BMX media in the BMX race world and the need for a dedicated website and the big opportunity for someone on the race-side if it was done correctly.

Jason talks about his 90s riders hitting the road on a Summer Tour and plans for the future. I chime in on my own personal team’s additions; Aiden Otten and Alec Bob and everything Summer Camps. We chat current thoughts on the USABMX National Series, Pro Racing domestically for 2021, lack of local riders at the Houston Rockstar Track Facility and so much more.

Check it out.

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