Top 20 UK Pro racers of all time

This Podcast has been in the works for quite some time but last week Paul Roberts and I finally sat down in Lake Park in Huntington Beach and discussed/debated the Top 20 UK Pro racers off all time. We start in 1984 when the first UKBMX Superclass Number 1 plate was given out to Tim March, right up to current times with guys like Kyle Evans, Curtis Manaton and Kye Whyte still out there banging out the big wins and titles.

So where does everyone stack up in this? Was the winningest National and British Champion Alan Hill on the list? Was Gary Llewellyn higher up than Neal Wood or Tre Whyte? How does Liam Phillips stack up against Andy Ruffell or Jamie Staff? How much weight does Kellogg’s carry and where does Craig Schofield’s Superclass World title sit?

If you’re a BMX race history nerd like Paul and I you might enjoy it and hopefully people can jump in after they have listened to keep the debate going. Big thanks to Kelvin Batey, Bobby Hyde and  Mad Adi Warden who have contributed results, stats and thoughts.

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