Podcast – Danny Nelson

This one’s been a long time coming. Dr. J, Todd Huffman, Pete D and I sat down at the Fox Theater in Fullerton and went in-depth on a Podcast with Danny Nelson.

We go from the start in the early 80s, getting picked up by Chuck Robinson and going onto being a long time member of the Firm, spending time on GT and Powerlite. Danny is one of the few guys who has won every major title and goes into detail about winning the 1994 World Championships at Waterford Oaks at such a young age; his NBL title battle with Thomas Allier and the ABA title with Warwick Stevenson and all that went down at the Grands in Tulsa that same weekend.

Danny talks being friends with 80s MX stars, Johnny O’Mara and Jeff Stanton, the end of GT, going to Giant and the business opportunity that arose, and making the decision to retire mid-season while again battling for the ABA title.

Danny tells us about life after BMX, work and home life these days, thoughts on being inducted into the USA BMX Hall of Fame and so much more.

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