Podcast – Javier Colombo

With all of the coronavirus stuff going on, it was a good time to Podcast it up and Skype with Javier Colombo.

We talk about his start in racing in Argentina during the early days, going to his first few World Championships in the 90s, reading the magazines and finally getting a chance to line-up with the pros at the 2000 World Championship and put it in the main event as a virtually unknown at the time.

Javier talks about moving to the US, living in Miami and Orlando before driving to California to live the pro dream but having to stop off on the way at a race knowing in advance he had to win in order to pay for the gas to get him to California. Javier talks about living with Todd Lyons in Huntington Beach, working jobs to support himself and his racing, getting on SE and of course, winning the 2006 UCI Elite World Championships in Brazil. He also touches on missing out and his thoughts on not being chosen for the 2008 Olympic Team for Argentina.

We talk about turning Vet, starting his own business, his friendship and rivalry with Cristian Becerine during his Vet years and some of the USA BMX and UCI Vet Title runs and battles he’s had during these years.

Javier proves that hard work, dedication, and drive – not just in his racing but also in his working life – are proof that setting goals and dreams and hustling is possible; it’s all up to you.

Check it out.

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