Podcast – Robbie Miranda & Paul Roberts

Been working on this one for awhile now with Paul Roberts (finally sat down) in Huntington Beach with Robbie Miranda and I for a pod.

Lots covered, early days riding for Cycle Craft, meeting Steve Buddendeck, getting on DK and moving to California in the 90s.

Robbie talks being teammates with Neal Wood, Winning the X-Games, 3 Nora Cups, racing the Vans Triple Crown DH Series and some of the pay days that came with it.

We talk Robbie’s longevity with DK and Buddendeck showing value to his sponsors and going the extra mile in a pre-social media era with websites, clinic tours and working with the magazines, to building a fan base.

We touch on the RM59 Tropical Challenge in Puerto Rico, making the 97 UCI World’s main, winning the NBL Christmas Classic and going into the 3rd Main at South Park tied for points with Gary Ellis.

We hit on DK’s marketing, team and image during the 90s, Jumping the DK Trailer, his thoughts on clips coming into Pro racing and maybe being pushed into the DK/Neal Wood’s “Clips For Kooks” campaign when he might have been more open to it himself.

Robbie talks about winding down his racing, setting himself up for life after BMX going into the Sheriff’s Department, hitting the Mega Ramp, 360s at Sheep Hills and more.

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