Podcast Mike Miranda & Eric Carter

Long time coming but finally nailed down Hollywood, Mike Miranda and recorded a Podcast with the help of Mike’s long-time friend, Eric Carter who always brings great stories and perspective which all went down at Hyper Design Studios in Carlsbad last week.

We breeze through Hollywood’s career from the early days racing in So-Cal riding for SE, CW, Torker and Hutch before finishing up on Free Agent while working at Vision Street Wear.

Mike talks about his time racing in England at the Kelloggs witnessing Tim Judge and Richie Anderson brawl in a hotel room, British rider Geth Shooter winning in the rain, horse riding with Andy Ruffell and thoughts on English birds being a dime-a-dozen at the time.

Mike also talks racing in Holland and France, the lifetime relationships he’s made and what it was like to race in Bercy in a packed stadium in front of all of the crazy French fans during the peak years of the 80s.

We talk Mike working at GT in the 90s, his thoughts and respect for Rich Long, becoming a Golf Pro for a few years before returning to the bike industry working at Cycling Sports Group (owners of Cannondale, GT, Schwinn and Mongoose) before moving over to Hyper more recently as (Co-Director of Shenanigans and all around good egg) as Mike puts.

We talk about the current state of the Bicycle industry, USA BMX, Pump Tracks some thoughts and solutions to grow not just racing but ways to get more kids out and on bikes moving forward.

We also hit on Mike coaching at Woodward, being in the movie RAD & negotiating more money on-set and of course we hit on as many of the Q&A that were posted on Facebook as we could.

It was great to sit down with Hollywood and EC. This one could have gone on forever, enjoy…

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