USA Cycling National Championship Rock Hill

This year’s USA Cycling National Championship is already in the books going down Friday during this past weekend’s Carolina Nationals in Rock Hill. With only 7 Junior Women entered, 6 Junior Men, 7 Elite Women and 15 Elite Men it’s a little concerning what the future holds for the top end of the sport in the US especially when the likes of Connor Fields, Alise Post and co finally call it a day.

Junior Women
1. Emily Hayes (Powerlite/Dans/DFR)
2. Payton Ridenour (Haro)
3. Ashley Hayes (Powerlite/Dans/DFR)

Junior Men
1. Spencer Cole (DK)
2. Darian Toureene (Future Concepts Racing)
3. Cam Mason (Haro)

Elite Women
1. Felicia Stancil (Supercross)
2. Brooke Crain (Haro)
3. Alise Willoughby (Promax/GW/Klean/TLD)

Elite Men
1. Corben Sharrah (Daylight)
2. Jeremy Smith (Corsa/Staystrong/Avian)
3. Jeff Upshaw (Driven Cycling Academy)

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