Podcast Eric Carter – Part 2

Part 2 of the Eric Carter Podcast posted – This episode we talk about the current state of the race industry, the saturation of frame brands and if it’s even possible to successfully move forward.

We then dive into more of EC’s career from dominating on Hutch, being mentally strong as a rider and how he would position himself in a race with strategies to win. EC talks winning the 93 NBL Pro title, his rivalry with Mike King, his thoughts on racing Brian Lopes alongside buying a gate because of Michal Prokop and his World’s battle with him.

EC then gives us his thoughts on Anthony Bucardo’s Amateur title race at this year’s Grands, what it’s like when the lights go out on a professional’s career and the bro calls stop coming and the reality of transitioning into real life when your career is over set in. Check it out…

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