Interbike 2019 cancelled

Interbike has been on the decline for awhile now and it looks like they have finally pulled the plug. Check out the latest on Bicycle Retailer.

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2 Responses

  1. @akaTGIF says:

    The bike industry issued the middle finger to Inter-bike hahahahahaa!

    The modern day Product Devo and Marketing Teams can often make better use of their $$$.

    This is a world wide paradigm shift. Changing times requires change in business strategy and practices. Interbike obviously Milked it for too long.

    The Annual bike show used to be held in So Cal – Long Beach or Anaheim. (BDS -Bicycle Dealer Showcase days)

    I love this. Todd Huffman gonna bring iN-vERT Action Sports Consumer Show back in 2019.

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