Berm Academy 2019 Tour

My Fellow BMX’ers,

If you’re looking for a unique experience for yourself or your little shredder (14ish and up), consider sending them on a Jason Carnes’ Berm Academy tour!

The experience we offer is unlike anything else out there… it’s a BMX camp on wheels. Nearly every road trip is connected to a USA BMX national (or two), but we don’t just race BMX on tour, we live it! Whether we’re hitting a local track, trails, pump track, bike park, exploring a city, or just hanging out with the sport’s top pros, it’s all about the bike life!

For more info, check out our 2019 schedule at, then drop me a line and let me know how I can help make those BMX road trip dreams a reality! We have a 10% off holiday special going, through Christmas, so don’t delay! Mention coupon code “BMX Weekly” for an additional $100 off!

Everyone have a fantastic holiday season!


Jason Carnes
Call or text: 512-731-7058

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