UCI BMX Rules Amendments 1-1-2019

The UCI BMX Rules Amendments for 1-1-2019 include this section on pedals:

6.1.079. Interlocking pedal-cleat systems are allowed for all riders age 13 and older. For avoidance of doubt, riders aged 12 and under must use flat pedals with no interlocking pedal-cleat system.

[This next section no longer applies – With the exception of the UCI BMX World Challenge, national federations or continental confederations may decide to set limits on the use of such interlocking pedal-cleat systems for the challenge categories 12 years old and younger in all events held within their territory. In case the continental confederation sets such a limit, it shall apply in all member countries of that continental confederation.]

Text modified on 01.01.2019.

Link: uci.org/docs

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