Will USA BMX Ban Clips for the Under 12s for 2019?

It’s been floating around for the last few months – the guys at USA BMX are seriously considering banning clips for everyone under 12. BMX News reported the latest on the subject on Friday that has already sent social media into overdrive with everyone’s views and opinions. Our Facebook page alone got quite some traffic on the subject especially among factory dads – #heated. All we can do is wait and see what happens and in the meantime we’ve pulled some of our favorite quotes from those that have commented on it.

Vans Photographer Justin Kosman – Real Good News.

Stan Horton – Shin pad companies must be behind this.

S&Ms Chris Moeller – This would be great for the sport.

Derek Betcher – I say why not! Everyone needs a little extra something to complain about.

Brian Foster – Clips ruined it all #thingsoldpeoplesay

Dave Noswap – ban em for everyone!!!

Cesar Gannod – Here’s the most positive thing about doing this, is that bmx racing might get back in the shoe game.

Paul Roberts – Man. Clips always seemed to create (or widen) the gap between racing and riding your bike for fun. You can’t blame racers for choosing them, they make you go faster and you’re allowed to use them. But how many kids ever, in the history of everything, have ever seen racing and been like “Man, I’m getting those pedals, they’ll be so killer at the trails”. Yep, not one. I’m not saying racing shouldn’t be serious but it should be enjoyable for people who like to ride bmx.

Donny Robinson – The best decision for our sport right now would be to allow only Expert riders (of any age) to be able to race with clips.

Jason Carnes – Everyone has an opinion on this, but mine is right… yes, please take them away. The sooner, the better! Parents can’t be depended on to make the right decision. I’d love a side-by-side comparison between the average (whatever that means) 12yo (or any age, really) French rider and an American kid. We’d be highly embarrassed. The goal should be developing as a rider/racer, and not the immediate quest for trophies. Again, my opinion, which happens to be right.

Eddie Casillas – How about we start by every track keeping an injury report. Type of injuries with clips and without. See if a pattern develops. Then one can make an argument. We did this in Supercross and Motocross with neck braces and concussions.

Jake Stephenitch – Ban them for kids! They will thank us in the long run.

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