Catching up with Sebastian Aslaksrud

Interview by Paul Bernard.

Okay, so name, age and how long have you been riding?
Sebastian Aslaksrud, 22 years old, been riding since the age of 5, so 17 years now.

How did this photo shoot come about?
Kia is a sponsor who has been by my side for the last 2 1/2 years. My first thought when I started my collaboration with them was “I have to jump my car”, so for over a year it was just an idea, then suddenly I stood on top of the supercross ramp, staring down at a film crew, photo crew and a giant crane I had rented to lift my car onto the triple on the SX first straight.

Pretty far out! Were you nervous when you hit it? Did it all go as planned?
The weird part is that I never once was nervous, because I had spent all my energy and time on planning and making the shot work with everyone getting together at the same time, the weather had to be ok etc… So when it was time to jump I didn’t have time to think about it, I just sent it – everything went as planned, and the shot turned out cooler than I ever imagined.

It does look really cool. What is the track, and how does Østfold in eastern Norway have such an amazing supercross facility.
The pictures and video are from Råde BMX arena, which is my home track. My Dad has done a lot of work for free to make this track happen in the heart of Østfold. It has been a long and rough process but worth every drop of sweat!

And Råde is hosting a European Cup race next year. Excited?
Super excited, European Cup on my home track, can’t wait!

With Kia behind you, there must be a few people you want to say thanks to?
Big thanks to Kia, Bertel O Steen Moss, Uponor, Stolt, Lekang, BC Sport, Troy Lee Designs, DK Bicycles, BMX Østfold, Maxxis, Shimano, Odi grips, Muchachomalo, Kygo Life, G Shock, Thomson Sykkelservice, Weel Betong, Sykkelstasjonen.

And Instagram @sebwii.

Thanks Sebastian.

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