Interview – Jared Garcia

You got your first Elite/Pro win over the weekend in Chula Vista at the DK Gold Cup; how does it feel?
I feel good! It is a good feeling crossing the line first against some of the fastest guys in the world. I know the feeling doesn’t last long though, so I am excited to get back to work to try and get another one.

You’d already hit the podium Friday night when you came out on the second turn during Saturday’s main behind Anthony Dean. Did you know where you wanted to pass him?
Yeah, I had an idea but my first thought was to hit a clean pro section and not get passed in the second turn. Joris ended up trying to get underneath but the corner didn’t hold. After that, I knew I wanted to take a shot down the last straight so I carved the last turn hard from the outside in, got a good run, and ended up getting it at the line.

With a podium last weekend also in Kentucky this has to be your best few weeks of racing Elite/Pro in your career – what’s changed in your program?
I think the biggest change is my health. I have taken some hard crashes and have missed about 13 months worth of training over the last two years. My continued relationship with my coach, James Herrera, has also allowed us to find what works best and it is all starting to come together.

Seems like you found a good vibe this year this with Tyler Brown and the 316 Team. How do you like the team and working with Tyler?
For sure. Partnering with Tyler Brown and the 316 Team has been awesome. Tyler has done such a good job getting good people involved from the ground up. Everyone from my teammates to my sponsors are such good people. I couldn’t be more pumped to be a part of it.

Looks like you’ve got a good training crew down at Chula Vista. Who else do you ride and train with and how’s spending so much time at the center helped your racing?
I’ve got an awesome training crew that usually consists of Tyler Brown, Nic Long, and Kam Larsen. We’ve all got different coaches but we try to link up as much as possible to keep the mood light but the energy high. Spending so much time training here at the center has helped me get through injuries that I have had to deal with. They have an awesome sports medicine clinic that has put in the time to help me through rehab and get back to as healthy as possible.

What’s the goal for the rest of the year?
Finish in the top 10 USA BMX points would be a good building block for me this year.

Is it too soon to start thinking about being on that USA Team for Tokyo? Surely securing a spot has to be on your mind?
It’s been on the mind but it’s still too early to think about at this point in the cycle. I’m focused on finishing this year off strong and then will start making new goals for next year afterward.

Finals thoughts and shout outs?
I want to thank Tyler Brown at 316 Racing, Jamie Staff at USA Cycling, DK Bicycles, Aztec Fire and Safety, Fly Racing, #boxriders, Sidi Cycling, Zelvy Carbon, and Tioga.

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