Podcast – Dylan Clayton Part 1

We got such a great response on the idea that we’d planned to Podcast it up with Doc Smooth, Dylan Clayton, and to be sure we didn’t miss anything, we decided to roll it out in 2 parts. Part 1 we talk the early days discovering BMX in the 80s riding for the likes of Robinson, Mongoose, SE, JT, Free Agent, Robinson again, Titan and Sunn. Dylan talks his local scene riding the Wigan Three Sisters track daily that contributed so much to his style and success, the guys he raced with during the 80s and lessons he learned and some of the major titles he has won along the way. Dylan also talks about seeing and trying to talk to Christophe Leveque for the first time, his first trip to California with Paul Roberts and Jamie Staff, staying with Robbie Morales¬†and more. Check it out.

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  1. mantadave says:

    dylan clayton will always be a hero to hundreds of kids because he always stayed grounded no matter how famous he was he had a brilliant mum and dad who were by his side we had amazing times in wigan in 82 to 86 and were all so lucky that we could ride all day & all night on the slag heaps & woods at one point we even had an in door track in an old factory for when it was raining dylan was exceptional talent from the age of 6 years old good luck my friend for the next 50 years eric rupe owens

  2. StuartHazelden says:

    Thanks for the errr Monster mention Dylan, Few names from the past there.
    Hopefully drop on you soon
    Stu Hazelden

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