Podcast – Alan Woods

If Scot Breithaupt is the “Godfather of BMX” and Gerrit Does is the “Godfather of European BMX”, then Alan Woods has to be the “Godfather of British BMX”.  This Podcast has been in the works for some time and we go right back to the start of BMX in the UK with Alan and his friends creating a scene up in the North West, the start of distribution with the likes of Robinson and Torker into the UK and the legendary teams that came from that.

Alan talks about early trips to the US, being the first official UK number 1, designing and building the likes of Wigan, Whitehaven and Birmingham Wheels tracks that all went onto host and be some of the biggest and best events of the 80s in the UK.

We cover Alan’s longevity in the sport, the old school movement, hosting the first-ever old school event in the early 2000s, and his thoughts on the RAD old school movement today as it continues to grow.

Of course, we touch on the likes of Andy Ruffell, Tim March putting him over the turn at Wigan back in 83, today’s racing, tracks and more.

I for one, think Alan Woods deserves a lot more credit for what he has done and continues to do for BMX in the UK. Stoked to get this Podcast out. We also posted a few interviews with Alan we’ve done over the years over on UK BMX History if you’ve not read them already – ukbmxhistory.com.

Alans is presently at alansbmx.com.

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