Podcast – Simon Tabron

This week’s Podcast is with a fellow Brit living in San Diego, longtime friend and Vert rider Simon Tabron. Starting out on a Raleigh Super Burner, Simon talks about his local riding scene, some of the early influences such as Andy Irwin, Craig Campbell, Neil Ruffell and Carlo Griggs just to name a few. We talk the early 90s when BMX took a dive in the UK and how Simon started hitting the race scene to compete in KODs, hang-out, and shares some of the good times he had when it seemed like the sport went underground.¬† We hit on sponsorships, X-Games, moving to the US, his long rivalry with Jamie Bestwick and, of course, we have to talk about Freestyle in the Olympics including the politics and conflicts that have already¬†begun, and so much more.

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