Interview – Dr. Jason Richardson

Looks like you got a lot of cool stuff cooking for 2018. First-up, give us the scoop on partnering up with Transition Bikes?

Sure…! It is simple actually. Since my talk in Pittsburgh with the young athletes and parents, it provided proof of concept for bringing value not only to the riders, but the parents as well. I wanted to find a way to take my knowledge and experience and share it in a very authentic and valuable way. For me, it was working within the bike community to bring Mindset to riders of all skill levels and ages. Transition is all about bringing the party to the people! More importantly, keeping human aspect of riding, lifestyle, pushing limits, and competing in one great package. So the Transition was quite seamless… Pun intended 😉

Moving forward this year, I want to reach people in the BMX and MTB communities – not only competitive riders, but the enthusiast who can use what I teach and take it to his/her workplace, business, or family. So, I go in and speak, we ride, and we have private sessions with those who attended the event/training. Some events will be more formal, others I will be more casual / social. All of them will be FUN.

Alongside the MTB riding you’ve still been hitting a few races up on the 20 inch each year.  What are your race plans for 2018?

I am totally going to hit up races in 2018 and I will be racing on a Transition frame. #AllWheelsmatter

Looks like you’re back in the booth again announcing at the UCI World Cups. How are things looking on that end?

Excited to go global and work with the team at BMX Live. Richard Eames (London Olympics BMX shot caller) will be joining me in the booth and of course, Pete D will be in the pits. Interestingly enough, between Papendal and Zolder, I will be headed to London to do some speaking and work with CK Flash and the Pekham crew!

Tell us about some of the other projects you’ve got planned this year?

Looking to get my new book out this summer, titled, “More. Better. Happier.” It will expand on #ItsAllBSBook and incorporate many of the things I left out of the first book! Essentially, it will speak to the Championship Life concept I believe in – which is defining one’s wins AND winning in Business, Sport, and Life.

How do you see the current state of BMX racing at the moment?

The actual racing… level of skill, speed, and talent is crazy! Everyone at the pro and top Am level are really exceptional on a bike. Seems like USABMX is thriving, as there are something like 72 national events (not sure on that actual number). However, I am concerned about the participation at the local levels, lack of bike sales, and life span of the newbie to the sport. The other thing that concerns me is that bigger bike companies don’t find value BMX (as a line item). I think that is a real issue that, if addressed may begin to help our sport with a culture shift that incorporates more outreach, people on bikes, sales, and participation.

We all want to see BMX grow, what do think we could be doing that we’re not?

While I LOVE racing, I would like to see the user (Racer, spectator, sponsors, parents) experience enhanced at the races (from locals to Grands). I am speaking from a USA standpoint, as the World Cups and international races provide a different experience IMO. This means, specific times for specific classes/ages, a good DJ, clean(er) bathrooms, factory row, autograph sessions, structured social campaigns with top riders and promoters, and constant barrage of education and outreach to those new and/or non-endemic to the sport.

Also, “we” whomever “we” are do not have to make it all about racing, points, and getting sponsored. More one-off events like the Tyler Brown sprint challenge would be great. I would still like to see a parking lot sprint! Or, how about reaching out to the MTB community / riders and creating an event that showcase the skills that cross over?

How’s the San Diego riding scene these days?

I do my best to ride weekly. Unfortunately, it’s not with as many people in the scene as I would like – because I scene in SD has a lot to offer!  When I do ride at Chula or on a trail with others, I love the fact that I am seeing the 26” at the BMX/Pump track AND I love the fact that I am on a MTB trail with guys who race(d) BMX… Which is why I am so hyped on being part of the Transition Family because #AllWheelsMatter!

PC: Justin Kosman

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