Alise Post and Sam Willoughby wedding

– By Steve Diamond

The BMX wedding that so many have anticipated for years has finally happened. On New Year’s Eve day, at 3:45pm, Alise Post was met at the end of a flower petals covered aisle by Sam Willoughby, standing and waiting to make her his bride. The ceremony was officiated by close friend of the couple and BMX legend, Jason Carnes. The San Diego wedding was full of incredible moments of laughter, tears and cheers for the dynamic couple, who always seem to defy the odds and allow us to imagine what we are truly capable of.

Sam escorted his lovely bride down the aisle under his own power standing only with the aid of braces and a walker. This was one of the most powerful moments many lucky enough to be in attendance have ever experienced, and most likely ever will. Simply incredible.

A traditional approach to the day only added to the already fairy tale story these two have so craftily written for themselves, and of course us to enjoy. The couple was kept separate until Mark Post walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle, and proudly embraced the couple. Earlier that day, at the bridesmaids hotel, Mark and Alise shared a very special Father/Daughter “First Look” moment. Alise had presented her loving Dad with custom cufflinks, one having her and Sam’s wedding date engraved, and the other Mark and Cheryl’s.

Strength is something that seems to come very naturally to both Alise and Sam, but traveling with them throughout the day, which was essentially a 12 hour photo shoot, I quickly realized how much strength these two draw from the people they keep close. The family and friends that surround this couple are truly amazing. Together their combined love creates a beautiful synergy of almost no limits. Everyone should be so lucky to experience this level of support, and I am certain the couple considers these folks their most valued asset.

The party went well into 2018, with champagne, confetti and some pretty impressive dancing from many of your favorite BMX stars (Brooke Crain, Nic Long and Anthony Dean get special mention here for sure). The fairy tale has had some bumps in the road that would stop many of us in our tracks. More importantly, this story has always been based on mutual respect, love and kindness and serves as a fantastic lesson on how to attack life. I will close with a quote from Sam’s father Collin Willoughby’s facebook account upon seeing a photo of his newly married son:

“What a photo! What a day! What a night! Full of love, courage, emotion, family, friends and wonderful memories. So proud of our boy, his beautiful wife and their amazing friends. Thank you to all of the people who travelled near and far to celebrate with us Col & Shaz.”

Cheers to the new Mr and Mrs. Willoughby!

PC: Steve Diamond, facebook

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