Greg Hill Podcast Part 1

Part 1 of the Greg Hill Podcast РEarly days when it all began for Greg in Southern California in the 70s, turning Pro at 14, riding for GT and winning 2 World Championships including some of the head games that went along with both winning and battling the likes of Stu Thomsen and Anthony Sewell back in 82. Greg talks about his first trip to Holland for the 83 Worlds, starting up GHP, racing the Kelloggs and winning the Jag World Championships overall in Burbank the same day his son was born in 1984.

With so many Social Media questions we dive in with the Q&As, and rightfully add his thoughts on being ranked 40th in the latest Pull Magazine 40 Greatest Pros article. We hear his thoughts on the sport as it is today. We touch on title runs with John Purse and Randy Stumpfhauser as well as hanging out with Tim March, training, the mental game and much more.

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  1. jkraig says:

    Great podcast. Brought many memories back from BITD when i was racing. His beginning sounded much like how I started. And i just had to laugh about his parents comments about “Having no time”. My parents said the same thing, but a week later my mom was helping in registration, and my dad was helping on the track. From then on, it was 5-6 races a week.

  2. Greg Hill says:

    JK, that’s cool man thanks listening to the pod cast..The whole parents not having time is classic lol good stuff!

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