Cafe Willoughby Holeshot Challenge / Pit Scoop

Scoop/News from the #Cafewilloughby Holeshot Challenge event alongside some other rumors floating around this week.

Great night and event all around with Joris Daudet winning over David Graf and Anthony Dean in 3rd. Big props to Sam Willoughby, Tyler Brown and crew for putting on an awesome event. Graf flew in all the way from Switzerland and walked home with some good $ for the trip.

Prize money for the event was $3,060 for 1st, $2,355 for 2nd and $1,650 for 3rd.

BA sent over a crew from AZ to the Holeshot Challange to support and check out the race but the real question is, when will Brad from Rail The Berm make it to an event?

Dr. J was out at Chula and shared that he’s looking to roll-out an #allwheelsmatter program for 2018 – stay tuned.

It was cool to see Mountainbike’s Million Dollar Man and Multi-World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin in the house hanging out at the Holeshot Challenge.

Jamming Jerry Landrum made the trip out from Indiana and is looking to team up with UCI Photographer Craig Dutton to create a new look for soon.

Box is switching stuff up in the pro department for 2018 with a possible new signing on the cards.

Free Agent is making a big push back on the race scene with a full AM Team looking to challenge for a Team Title in 2018. Rennen’s George Costa is rumored to be a not so happy camper.

Stay Strong is looking to switch it up in the race department for 18, check out all of the new things SS has at the Grands.

Is Maris still on SX?

US Junior Devo Team’s Kamren Larsen went down over the weekend while riding back East with DK’s Spencer Cole resulting in a broken collarbone in 4 spots and he’s now out for the Grands. Heal-up soon, Kam.

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