The future for Maris Strombergs

What’s going on with the two-time Olympic Champion, Maris Strombergs? Will he retire or does he have plans to shoot for Tokyo and give it another run? It seemed like the 2017 season started well for him winning Nationals in both Oldsmar and Rock Hill, and what looked like a possible USA BMX title run alongside focusing on the World Championships. But by mid-summer it appeared Maris lost interest or perhaps some motivation and his results dropped off.

During both the European and World Championships, Maris looked strong early on but it seemed like the fire and aggression fell somewhat during the knockout rounds, failing to transfer to the main events.

So now what? It seemed like Maris has been enjoying some down time away from the bike with a visit back home to Latvia, drinking a little wine, playing golf and basketball and just enjoying his life away from the track.

There are still possibly a few more races on the cards before the year is out alongside some overseas clinics planned. Can he still win at the highest level?¬†Most know without reservation he absolutely can – as we’ve seen before, it all boils down to motivation. The down time can only be a good relaxer for Maris to help him make a decision on the direction of his future. Maybe a limited schedule at key events he enjoys both on the US front and in Europe with some fun projects in the sport could be the way to seeing the Machine back on the gate for 2018. Stay tuned…

PC: Fabien Rolland

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