Looks like the USA BMX Pro title could be a two-man “Chase” for the next few years

Due to the weather in Kentucky, the Elites only got one race in during the weekend which was won by current USA BMX number 1 Joris Daudet. Young up-and-comer Aussie Josh McLean put in a good ride for 2nd and GB’s/Pure rider Kyle Evans also rode well for 3rd.

With only 6 scores available plus the Grands left for the season, realistically only Connor Fields and Corben Sharrah have a shot at dethroning the Frenchman for the Pro title.  If we want to break it down even more, it’s probable only Connor can challenge for the title if it comes down to the wire.

We all know Corben can win races especially being the new World Champion, but perhaps his lack of real consistency and aggression would make it tough to run down the Chase guys over 3 mains in Tulsa even if he does grab a handful of good finishes in the next few races.

All this goes without saying, the USA BMX Title is still one of, if not the toughest, title to win. With Maris Strombergs close to retirement and with Sam Willoughby’s career cut short at its peak, the pool of riders even capable of going for a USA BMX title gets narrowed down really quickly. Unless we see more of the Dutch States-side, it’s looking as though the Chase boys will be the battling for this title for at least the next few years.

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