UCI World Championships prediction – Masters

Like most years, Masters is always a great race come Worlds. Cristian Becerine, defending Champion from last year is having another dominating year on the US domestic front and since the likes of Javier Colombo and Matt Pohlkamp have been slowing down their racing in the last few years, the only real challenges have come from guys like Mike Weatherford and Tim Knipe.

Rumors were floating around a few months ago that Thomas Allier would be racing Masters this year in Rock Hill but with his name not down on the entry list it looks like Allier must have pulled the plug, which is a shame as we all would have loved to see him race. Also, World Masters Champion from a few years ago, Kelvin Batey, seems like he’s not racing much in 2017 and a not down to race in Rock Hill either.

Tyler Brown moves into the Master class for the Worlds and it looks like he’ll be the main threat for Cristian to retain the Masters jersey.  It’s been a few years since these two have lined up on the gate together so we’re really not going to see these guys go at it until it counts race day, which will make the main event that much more exciting to watch. Tyler has been putting in the work over in Chula Vista, training with Greg Romero and although these San Diego guys are not Elite, it does not mean they are showing up at the Worlds to hang out and be in the main in their respective classes; they’re showing up to win.

Other challenges that might come in Masters should come from the big, seasoned World specialists, Jordy Agues and Dorus Brink from Holland who both have had a boat-load of European and World Championship titles to their names already.  France’s Charly Gaillard, and from the US, look for powerhouses Leo Garcia, Mike Weatherford and former, ABA National number 1 and AA Pro, Alexis Vergara. Of course, like 35 +, there will be fast guys under the radar that we will see come semi and main time that we’ve never heard of. That’s just how it rolls with the Worlds.

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