UCI World Championships Prediction – 35+ Men

Predicting who’s going to win any class at the World Championships always makes for a good debate and social media buzz leading into the big show. Not knowing all the key riders in each class, it’s impossible to say but paying attention to the older classes there seems to be quite a bit of hype and possible showdowns that should make for some exciting finals later this week.

35+ Men is always an interesting class and hard to predict with so many not-so-well-known, fast European and South American riders that show up. Former Elite riders are starting to trickle into the class along with top Ams from years past for a crack at the title . This year should be interesting. Former Elite Cruiser World Champion and Olympian, Jonathan Suarez, has bumped down from Elite, bypassing Masters straight to 35+ this year. And with former 90s AA Greg Romero, these days one of the most respected Olympic Coaches, signed up in his first World Championships since 2004, it’s looking like these two are the favorites going in.

Already, social media jabs and hype has definitely been a good read online and looks like it could be a good main event providing both guys get in. It’s also been good watching Greg document his build up over the last few months on social media keeping it serious, positive, yet fun during the process.

Suarez, the Mosquito, we really haven’t seen for awhile but you can count on him being fast.  You don’t get called the Mosquito for nothing.  Also, don’t discount quiet Texan, Chad Street, who should also be a factor in both 20 inch and Cruiser as well along with GB’s Alan Hill, and a whole host of regular USA BMX regulars from the 40 and over categories that are all signed up to race class and cruiser.

On a side note, it’s good to see BMX Legend, Harry Leary signed up to race in Rock Hill.

Photo Credit: Justin Kosman.

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