From the family of the original BMX Weekly; a tribute to George Higginson

A touching story to many, most specifically to those that discovered BMX in the early 80s in the UK through magazines. Jonathan Higginson (facebook ) and his family were behind BMX News and BMX Weekly newspapers and magazines during the early days in the UK.  If it wasn’t for the Higginson Family and the documentation of the sport, many would never have found BMX.

Sadly, in 2009, Jonathan’s son, George, was knocked off of his BMX bike and shortly thereafter passed away. George was passionate about astronomy and in his memory, his family has produced and is willing to distribute free of charge, safety glasses for the up-and-coming American Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Jonathan wants to get these glasses distributed to as many BMXers as possible in the US. If you can distribute through tracks, clinics, giveaways or any other avenue, please contact Jonathan at

For additional information on George’s story,  please visit

Georgetelescope in the news.

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