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The Man behind Transit Race DVDs – Colin Stiles

For the new school, what’s the 411 on Transit? Transit was a “video magazine” that covered BMX.  I never really stressed the “video magazine” definition of it because I was tired of explaining what a “video” magazine was.  It’s kind of like telling somebody you “race” BMX.  The average person doesn’t hear the word “race”, …


July 2017 – BMXWeeky.com is now in town. Not sure where this website is going to go but we felt there were a few gaps in media in the race world so we put this site together. No disrespect to the current outlets, we know there’s a lot to cover. We’ve got a few contributors and we’re going to put some content out there. Who knows, this could take off and it could also be deleted within two weeks. Stay-tuned.


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